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The Great Mass Debater

Caution to the Wind

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Whilst trying to sleep last night, imagine that during his tossing and turning, Hughton is visited by three spirits, the Ghost of Norwich attacking football past, present and future, and he decides that ''credible losses'' dont get points and that he needs to try to win away games. He decides to throw caution to the wind, abandon his natural instincts, and decides to name a bold attacking line-up. He plays a high defensive line, plays Redmond on the right and Pilks/Josh Murphy on the left, with Hooper and RvW in partnership.

The team plays aggressive, bold football, and attacks in numbers.

The team loses 3-0.

What would the reaction from the fans be do you think? Would people say ''bad luck, at least he tried, next time we play away we might have had more success''. Or would people criticize him and call him tactically naive playing like that away from home, and against a team like Stoke?

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