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The Great Mass Debater

If we went down

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Obviously we wouldn''t want to talk about the potential of relegation, but it''s interesting to think what our team would be.

I reckon straight out would be Ruddy, Bassong, Fer and RVW, those guys are far too good to play in the championship and are on big money.

Elmander loan would be ended and that would be it from him.

Next out would be the likes of Hooper, Snoddy, Pilkington, possibly Olsson.

Then potentially next Turner, Garrido, Tettey and Redmond may go. I think Redmond might stay given how young he is and he''d be our main guy in the championship. I think he''d allow his career at least half a season back there potentially and he won''t be on massive money.

Here''s how i think we''d line up not including new buys:












Still not too bad eh?

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If we accidentally won the league, our current players must be better than we imagined, so i''d say we''d try keep them all, maybe cash in on 1 or 2 and then spend money on some proven champions league calibre players that had underachieved due to our success.

The likes of Daniel Sturridge and Aaron Ramsey would be surprising British based players we could encourage here if their respective teams failed

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[quote user="Yellow Wall"]Who do you think we would have to sign if we accidentally won the league?[/quote]


Of course, you''re completely right. Relegation is a complete impossibility. Almost as ridiculous a suggestion as relegation. No point having a hypothetical debate about which players would be too good for the championship. No point talking about how far we''ve come, as I dont think we''d keep many. Thank you for your highly informative comment. Which of course I forced you to make. You couldnt possibly have decided this thread wasnt for you and walked away

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It was a hasty reply which, you are right, I probably should have walked away from.

I merely thought it to be a very strange thread to start after a good win yesterday.

Yes, there is a possibility of relegation (much more of a possibility than winning the league) but perhaps the thread would have been more meaningful on the back of a bad result and performance instead of a good one.

Obviously as much as we would want to keep as many of the better players as possible there would be many who would want to go. The interesting point being that I believe more of our players would be in demand than there was of the recently relegated teams.

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