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ICF's Arsenal match report

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So another trip to the Emirates. Last game here we were on the back foot but not excessively so in the first half and in the second Turner flighted a superb header to give us the lead. Arsenal were running out of ideas as the clock ticked down but the Lino gave them a dubious penalty, and shortly after ignored an offside for their second goal, we then crumbled to concede the third at the death - one of the most infuriating defeats I have ever been to as a City fan.

But this game also brought back happy memories of the 1-0 victory 12 months ago which started our superb run - I will never forget it as I was on holiday in France and had to rely on a mate to text me updates on the score.

So again this was the start of the half term break so the family came down to London with me and headed on to the Houses of Parliament while I caught the tube up to the Emirates.

Our line up: Ruddy; R Martin, Basso, Turner, Olsson.

Midfield Fer Tettey and Howson with Pilks and Snoddy on the flanks, Big surprise being Hooper up front - RVW obviously injured as not even a sub.

It opened with plenty of arsenal possession but few real chances, city working hard to close them down. Fer in particular making some good interception s.

They finally produced a good move at the edge of the box with a couple of one twos and the ball was edged past Ruddy. Soon after a clearance by RM was blocked by an arsenal players hand and the resulting attack brought a superb save by Ruddy at the near post otherwise there was a tame shot by Sagna but city were coming into it more with Olsson finding space for a couple of good crosses also one by Rm that almost crept over the keeper and a couple of excellent long range shots their keeper did well to save.

So the half ended with city well on top and feeling we weren''t out of it at 1-0 down.

The second half started as the first had ended with City on top but not able to produce many real chances, and it was not much of a surprise when arsenal broke 10 minutes in and a clinical finish put them 2-0 up.

You could see the confidence flow into the Arsebal players and the next 10 minutes they were looking very comfortable but City fought their way back into it and were finding lots of space. I began to feel a goal for us would make for an interesting end to the game. So when Olsson crossed and the defender could only divert it across the box invitingly, and Howson burst through and buried it in the corner.

City were going for it and creating plenty around the box. When arsenal brought on Bendtner I thought we might be in with a chance but defensively we were leaving gAps and Ruddy pulled off some superb saves from distance. Arsenal up front are always dangerous in an open game and were able to put in the 3rd, even then we kept trying and you felt it wouldn''t be over if we could get a 2nd but it wasn''t to be.

The ref wasn''t doing us any favours with a defender going through Olsson (I think) on the way to the ball - about the same foul as committed by Turner at Hull but you''re not going to get that as the away side here. Unlike last year we couldn''t blame the officials really tho.

There was still time for a piece of skill by Ramsey in the box for a 4th.

So in the end the expected result. We had good spells before and after half time, and after the goal, but need to take more of our chances to get anything from s game like this. With team spirit looking good our performance bodes well tho.

Arsenal look like a classic Wenger team to me - very creative but I don''t think they''ll sustain their league position through the winter - not the sort of team that can grind out results in tough away games through the winter would be my guess.

For us a tough start for Hooper and he didn''t do anything to displace RVW as first choice.

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