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Tetteys Jig

FM 14

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Any fellow keeno''s already bought FM 14 and played the pre-release (basically the game)?

I started as Norwich obviously, got Cleverley on loan and Gaitan from Benfica somehow! Winston Reid and Neil Taylor (Olsson playes LM for me) to shore up the back line and Isak Belfodil to help the strikers out amongst some lesser signings.

Up in 7th but had some strange results like 0-3 vs Palace at home who were 20th at the time! I was peaking around 4th before that game too.

Elmander was a beast until he got injured, now just getting back to form. Bassong as ever is ridiculously over powered still (highest rating in the league for any player!).

Interestingly, RVW didn''t really work as a lone striker, only started doing well when he had someone with him or two direct AM''s feeding him. Hooper started injured and so has yet to break though.

Out went Howson, Johnson, Fox, Whittaker and Bennett to make way for the arrivals! Rejected Newcastles move for Snoddy.

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How does the starting squad look in terms of quality, could you screen shot it for me please?

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the first ever version to be Linux enabled!!! i''m very excited about this and means i can finally un install windows for good!

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Might look into that Jas, not much of a techie, but it would be less annoying with updates and viruses etc.

I''ll have to wait until this evening to get a screen shot up.

Basically though:


Ruddy - class operator and cemented Englands Number 2, top half quality.

Bunn - Decent enough back up, i''ll keep him a season then sell for £1m in summer


Martin - very much rated as a good all round full back, nothing special but a similar level to Tony Hibbert of Everton

Turner - Real powerhouse and ideal foil next to Bass. Reid for me was similar but younger and having the three there really gave me a solid base to build on.

Bassong - Amazing and massively too over powered, just like last year! Ideal next to a slow but solid Turner or Reid. Averaging 8.1 a game and ust won african POTY!

Garrido - Not that great, not poor, but i decided to replace him and push Olsson up

Whittaker - See garrido, i bought seitaridis for less money and sold whitts. then bought a random quick Czech bloke who can''t displace martin atm but is miles better than Whittaker

Bennett - decent but young, good potential


Olsson - Great outlet at LM and a few goals too! Great as he has defensive qualities usually not found in pacy wingers.

Pilkington - Awful! I dunno if it''s because he starts injured but he''s been sent on loan to Tranmere which sums it up!

Redmond - Amazing potential! Still finding his feet for me but has started reasonable, about 7.1 average and a few goals/ assists

Snoddy - quality outlet on the right and a classic ''wide midfielder'' like Beckham means i can play more attacking the other side. Rejected big money from Newcastle

Bennett - Sold him for alright money, not that great but better than pilks.

Murphys - Josh has prem potential, Jake not quite but will give him a chance at some point.


Fer - Class personified, one of the best all round midfielders in the league and no doubt will be playing in the champions league next season (maybe with me :P)

Johnson - alright all round stats, USA international I preferred the £4.2m WBA offered.

Howson - not bad, not great, offloaded to Readong for £3.9m great deal all round.

Tettey - decent foil for Cleverley to dictate the game, does the dirty work well but not amazing.

Wes - Not great, sold him for a couple of million to Celtic.


Elmander - Amazing at the start, got like 8 goals in 6 then got injured and when he''s returned, he hasn''t done as well.

RVW - The opposite, a poacher and really struggles in a 4-5-1. Finally starting to come good and now has 4 goals in 16 or so games

Hooper - started injured and so only just beck to fitness, waiting to diescover form but encouraging lately

Becchio - offloaded on loan

The rest can''t be that great as i''ve either forgotten them or CBA rating them.

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do it Jimmy! you wont go back!

With Valve, Sega and EA now porting games to Linux I can see the end of Windows as a home operating system in the future...

if you aren''t "techy" check out Ubuntu.. you can download it onto a memory stick, boot it off your PC and try it out without Installing anything or making any changes (internet will work, its fully functioning)! if you like it, install it..

I also recomend Mint..

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Thanks Jimmy, sounds like they have been a bit fairer with ratings this time. Will buy if they have the classic/simple mode again.

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Unfortunately my computer can only just handle FM12 but the flip side is I have my life back.

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