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Self Inflicted Wounds

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Would you agree that this is the most Irritating / Disappointing factor.We have the SquadWe have the fansWe have the well run clubWe have the manager (He got Newcastle promoted and was successful in Europe and domestically with Birmingham) and at both clubs showed he can play very good football while uniting the dressing room.We have the money We have the Premier League understanding (we know how the league works, how the decisions go, what you can / can''t get away with)On paper we have everything which says to you "mid - table Prem team" ... but time and time again, especially away from home we just lack that cutting edge.I have never wanted to believe it was Hughton''s fault because of his previous record as a manager. Nor do I think it is completely his faultBut it just seems like there''s something missing. Something we had under Lambert which we hadn''t had before / since.It really is a strange one.

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