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new formation

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oh my god why didn''t we think of this, it could have been the answer



flem/eddy/doc shacks charlton/drury

helveg bentley francis saffri hux

deano leon

you know I think I could be on to something here I think this would strengthen our defence and midfield, would give support to left back area and almost free hux to do what he does best, attack.

worthy give this a thought

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I am sure that went through the discussions of formations back in nov/dec.  It requires a lot from the wingbacks and that means hux in your formation - simply not one.

As most of you will know I prefer a 4-5-1 variation 4-2-3-1


            Helveg        Charlton       Shackell    Drury

                            Safri        Francis

                   Jonson          Bentley        Hux



Gives us a 5 man midfield defensively, with either bentley or Dam covering when Hux gets stuck up field.

Gives us 4 mobile attacks who can move at pace to the heart of the opposition.

For next season we would need cover for Safri/Francis and a Bentley (& Francis?) replacement.  A new younger right back is needed and possible a partner for shacks although Doc and charlie should be good enough next season.

I expect a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3 as season at the end of last season to be the way we play though.



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