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Rudolph Hucker

Appreciating Assets?

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Where the biggest clubs have bought mature top players this window it appears Norwich City has bought younger players with potential.

Hooper, Fer, Wolf and Redmond have no EPL experience but could all markedly improve their value this season.

If Fer and Redmond continue as they have begun, or in the case of Fer, I suspect, improve we will struggle to retain them. Likewise, we have to expect the other two are looking to prove themselves before getting the big contract a couple of years down the line.

It is a long time since Norwich City sold a player for a club changing sum but here are four who could achieve that. The Chase policy of expecting the goose to forever lay golden eggs failed but that was before the big money which year on year allows EPL established sides to stay where they are barring a monumental series of errors.

So, imagine next season after Fer sets the EPL alight and Wolf sores 16 -18 goals (which is realistic from his positional sense if only he gets the passes) what would Norwich City do with say 30 million?

If we bought a marquee player on huge money we might ruin the wage structure and destabilise the squad. We could improve progressively as we have this season but it seems to me we would have a huge surplus.

Is this the point where we invest in capacity? For me that is the next level but we need to be a 30,000 plus club to take us above the peer clubs like WBA or Stoke. It isn''t a money thing as much as a status thing.

It was probably the Kevin Reeves money which built the River End stand in the 70''s. I feel we may finally have speculated to accumulate with this summer''s sightings and should some of them reach their potential, galling as it is to lose top players, such a realisation of value might be the way to lift the whole Club to the next level.

What would you want NCFC to do with a spare 30 million on top of an existing transfer fund?

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You''re exactly right about stadium expansion. Ticket sales are such a small part of revenue wth the tv money so huge. Vastly more expensive tickets could help but only if we still kept at or close to capacity, but that would simultaneously alienate a lot of the true supporters.

Maybe they could add suites. Those bring in a fsir amount of money but are there enogh corporate sponsors around Norwich for that to work?

They should hang on to some of that excess money to help return us quickly to the Prem when the inevitable relegation does happen. A "rainy day" fund.

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A new Main Stand for me with a capacity of 32, 000+.

If this can be achieved with a minimum of borrowing, at the expense of a ''rainy day'' fund only or with a degree of sponsorship all the better, but not at the expense of the team.

A recent thread on our rival''s forum asked a question pertaining to young support ''locally'' and it''s choice between a Premiership side and a mid-table Championship side.

Out of this it emerged that our numbers were swelling (ie. shirts seen) in the border areas.

Our recent sortie into the top flight has seen our support swell at the expense of both ITFC and the glamour clubs.

It figures, it will snowball the longer we stay up and it needs to be accommodated otherwise an opportunity will be missed.

It is not just about ticket receipts, it is also about the future prosperity of our Club.

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