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Reading McNally''s comments on this, I was wondering if anybody knew enough about this to clarify a few things. My understanding is that by having achieved level 1 status and having committed to investing 2m a year, that the main benefit is that we can start bringing in the talented youth again from all over the country and can start poaching from the academies of those clubs which dont have category 1 status.

My question is - has this process already begun, or are we still developing things? When are we likely to see these elite youth players coming to the club (and hearing about new exciting prospects), or has this already started? Are we still putting the scouting network into place at this stage? I know we acquired Adel Gafaiti who sounds like he has some promise, but wasnt he more a free from Rangers in the way Whittaker was?

I think all fans find the idea of the next big exciting player coming through the ranks. I just wondered when we might start hearing about potentially great players now we no longer have the smallest pool of youth to recruit from in the country.

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