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Be careful what (who?) we wish for

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Ok - I will make my position hopefully quite clear before trying to make my point here...

I really cannot understand the mentality of some of our fans who seem to agitating against Chris Hughton whenever a result goes against us, or they see us not to be playing with enough attacking intent. While I share some of their frustrations, I think that changing the management currently would seriously destabilise us in another pivotal season.

I have little doubt that CH will keep us in the premier league this season, and then we can continue to build. I would like to see us going with more belief into away games, but hope to see that coming gradually. I would like to see us with a more mobile midfield, one that goes forward more than sideways and I would like to see us get in behind defences more than we currently do. All of those concerns in my view are entirely justified - but to call for the managers sacking, as some on here do every time we lose a match just seems to me to be madness.

Even more madness are some of the names I have heard being touted as replacements - on here everything from Holloway (no thanks) to Macarthy (please god no) and then on this evenings ''Care in the Community Call'' on Radio Norfolk I swear I heard someone actually calling for Glenn Hoddle????

We have the best squad I''ve ever seen at CR, we just won the FA youth cup, CR is full to capacity every week, we finished comfortably above the danger area last season...this is not a club in trouble is it?

As the ever sensible jimmy smith pointd out on another thread a few minutes ago, look at what happened to Many other clubs who injudiciously changed manager...

I''m not a happy clapper - there are things CH has to sort out with the squad and the way we play in my view, but if we replaced him we would be in real danger of starting a chain of events that might not end where we want them to.

I don''t want to see us sacking managers - I do want to see us building gradually year on year - and stability is usually the best way to achieve that.

On to the Villa next week (and the return of that man)

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