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Chopper Harris


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We have a big problem. It was the same last year, but CH has not solved it with the signings this summer. Midfield, especially central midfield is a disaster. We can''t keep the ball at all, so we are forced to spend every game on the back foot and try and hit the opposition on the break. Bradley Johnson is a trier, but is not premiership quality. Jonny Howson? send them both back to Leeds, they don''t cut the mustard.The key to winning any game is central midfield, which is why we struggle. Fer is promising and Hoolahan is class, but inconsistent. Tettey is the best defensive midfielder, but to be honest, they all struggle to keep possession and build moves.As for up front, I worry about RVW. I went to see Sporting Lisbon 3 weeks ago. the opposition had a home ground capacity of 2500. The league is no better than the Scottish league. Hooper has a better pedigree, as at least he came from the best club in the league. Where did Sporting come last year, 7th or something?CH, sort it out and quick, or we will be in trouble very soon.

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