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Katie Borkins

That Kei Kamara's now scored

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First start for Middlesbrough and he''s only bloody gone and scored.  Just shows what a hell of a player he could have been if we had used him properly and let him off the leash instead of Hughten sticking him out on the wing.


Reckon we ought to have saved the club £8 million by keeping him and not signing that Wolfswinkel.  In fact, the way we play we should just go to that Poundland at Riverside, buy a Space Hopper, and stick him (or her) in the striker role.  Would get as many touches under Hughten and has less chance of getting caught offside.


Honestly, the way we''re going I reckon if City were playing in my back garden I''d close the bloody curtains and put my Leonard Cohen records on.  That''s got to change soon or McNally is going to get one of my size nines up his jacksie.





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