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Thoughts on the game

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We lacked urgency going forward. We completed nearly double the amount of passes that Villa did, although passing wasn''t necessary to be fair when they could stroll through our defence unchallenged at various points in the first half.

Why the hell did Snodgrass take the bloody pen? Wolfy could do with a goal, and we get a penalty at 0-0 with 84 minutes left to play. There''s not many situations that have less pressure to score the pen than that. What a ****ing **** penalty it was too.

Snodgrass flattered to deceive as he seems to be doing relatively often. Reminds me of Wes in so much as he is all flash and very little end product at the moment. His crossing today was absolutely woeful. How many times of hoofing in high balls right down Guzan''s throat would it have taken before he learnt his lesson? Corner after corner, cross after cross, and still he didn''t learn.

Wolfy looked a lot more involved today than he has done recently. Unlucky with the header that wasn''t as the defender had his hand up stopping him from heading it. Needs to be braver and go for the header anyway. Hooper didn''t do much but was unlucky with the 6yarder as he clearly expected Wolfy to get to it and it just kind of hit Hooper when RVW didn''t connect.

Ref had a shocker.

Ryan Bennett played very well and I was impressed with him. Looked composed and assured for the most part.

Midfield were anonymous except Snoddy.

Norfolk Cafu was good, Ruddy good, Turner was mostly good but made some silly errors including breaking the line and playing everyone on side for the goal.

Redmond looked like he could do with a rest.

Garrido was better today than he has been recently but I''d still rather see Olsson in his place.

Today was the final straw for me with Hughton. He doesn''t seem to be able to motivate the players, or instill any desire/passion into them. On paper we have a top 10 squad, and I feel that it''s about time we got someone in with a bit more attacking intent and tactical nous. Hughton seems devoid of ideas outside of 4-5-1 and whilst I appreciate that he made attacking changes today, it''s the first time I can remember him doing so. I simply feel with the tools he has been given Hughton is not doing as good as someone else could, and whilst he''s probably good enough to keep us up again, I think we would be better suited to a new set of ideas and tactics coming into the club.

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