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Hooper is the RIGHT kind of signing...

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Lots of people have been derogatory about Hooper, the favourite put down is "championship striker". I suspect that many/most of those people will suddenly shut up and hope that their passed comments don''t come back to haunt them (especially after he bangs in his first few goals and they realise that actually, he is a very capable striker).
At the same time we have seen all sorts of names bandied about, even Loic Remy! What we have in Hooper is somebody who has probably turned down the chance to go and get ridiculous money at a club with more money than sense to join one which is the right league for his personal aspirations (which appear to be international recognition and proving himself rather than adding twenty grand a week to his income). Contrast that to Remy, a player who turned down the chance to play in front of 50000 people every week in a team which will likely do very well this year for a tinpot team who were almost certainly going to be relegated. 
This is precisely the type of hungry player that Norwich should sign, and for the past three and a half years mostly have signed. Excellent player at an excellent price. In a world where Jordan Rhodes goes for £8m and Burnley want the same for Charlie Austin. Austin and Rhodes have not, afterall, proven themselves as anything other than great Championship strikers. Just like Hooper.
Great signing, great price, time for some to pipe down! 

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