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iPhone app - Live audio

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I live in Yorkshire so don''t get to too many games. I used to subscribe to canaries player but found I was not often at home on Saturday afternoons to listen to the commentary which was my main reason for subscribing.

Last season the iPhone app started to have live audio and it worked great for a couple of months. Then all of a sudden it disappeared. I have contacted the club and Perform group (who make the app) and all they will say is that they are not allowed to offer live commentary due to contractual reasons.

This sounds to me like rubbish. Perform group also make apps for Tottenham, West Ham and Aston Villa and all these apps include live audio for the same price. I feel like we are missing out. Surely It can''t be contractual reasons if other premier league teams offer it?

I wonder if the club have said they don''t want live audio on the app? If so, I am really frustrated as this would be a great improvement in service.

Does anyone have any knowledge on this?

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