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Iwans Big Toe

What are your expectations for this seasons Deloittes League Table?

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An absolutely fascinating question. i am glad you asked it. I expect main movements to be Arsenal to get close to other clubs at top as a result of FFP, new commercial agreement and benefits being realised from move to emirates and Norwich to go up the league as a result of the debt repayments. I expect that the deloittes league will actually get tigher not as a result of the FFP which merely rubber stamped the existing arrangements but as a result of a resistance of benefactors at the likes of West Ham, Stoke, Sunderland, Newcastle, Fulham, Cardiff, Villa, to subsidise the clubs as much as they have done in the past as even the richest have less free cash than they use to and therefore Norwich''s probabilities of surviving to increase. So I''m absolutely sure no one cares unless of course they care about how NCFC performs that is.

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