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Militant Canary

Cheikhou Kouyaté again.

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Not sure if this warrants a thread, so I apologies if it doesn''t.

Mainly out of boredom, I''ve been researching possible CB targets and found that Cheikhou Kouyaté could still be a possibility.

He''s being professional and patient, so he''s still doing his thing for Anderlecht (and doing it well, by all accounts), but he still wants a Premier League move.

Southampton and especially Newcastle are the teams being touted in the press as the ones interested. Yet, nobody has actually put a bid on the table or shown any firm interest.

I wouldn''t rule us out just yet.

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After what Hughton has said about Martin being more than adequate to fill the CB role when needed, i cant see us signing a CB now. I think Hughton will reassess the situation in the january window.

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