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Canary On The Wire

On The Ball City: The 2013 Version

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drop the names - that smacks too much of the binners and their ''glorious history'' stuff''

the great thing about OTBC was it''s timelessness

it was not a chant, it was not shrieked out like some banshee on speed nor was it ever choreographed by some halfwit sounding like the host at some old folks home

it will need the fans to want to sing it

and given the lack of originality in singing/chanting at games nowadays it might take a fair bit of effort

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It''s good but it''s not as good as this http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jPVn9eLOkF0

Why the club doesn''t make more of having the oldest and best anthem in world football I just don''t know.

It''s so much better than YNWA, Blaydon Races, Z-cars etc and Liverpool, Newcastle, Everton make much more of their respective anthems.

Playing this before kick off would be so much better than what we do now and also have the benefit of educating the crowd as to how it''s really sung.

We got rid of goal music, we can get OTBC sung properly too!

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