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"Good job you called Kyle Naughton NewBoy"

My source must have let me down. He has revised the date, reckons it will be one of these:

5th July

6th July

7th July

8th July

9th July

10th July

11th July

12th July

13th July

14th July

15th July

16th July

17th July

18th July

19th July

20th July

21st July

22nd July

23rd July

24th July

25th July

26th July

27th July

28th July

29th July

30th July

31st July

1st August

2nd August

3rd August

4th August

5th August

6th August

7th August

8th August

9th August

10th August

11th August

12th August

13th August

14th August

15th August

16th August

17th August

18th August

19th August

20th August

21st August

22nd August

23rd August

24th August

25th August

26th August

27th August

28th August

29th August

30th August

31st August

I haven''t got any reason to not believe him as he hasn''t let me down before, definitely in the know, he said he might narrow down the range a little when his crystal ball starts working again (it''s an electronic one, he thinks the fuse has blown).

He isn''t ready to specify an exact year yet, can only certain that it will be in this half of the century.

I''ll keep you posted though.

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