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ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

Who wants us to do a QPR?

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With all the speculation going on about JR & GH etc and especially those who are vociferously proposing that we sell some of our players given the sums being bandied around, would they like us to go all out and cash in?


Supposed prices some on here would be keen to accept:

JR - £10m

GH - £2m (and given that some want us to be a nurturing then selling club, another £10m in Jan for RvW)

While we are at it, why not go the whole hog:

Midfield - £15m (excl Redmond for the time being)

Defence - £15m

That would give the buying kitty an additional £50m+


Well with that sort of money, we could go out and buy an assortment of big name stars - just like QPR did!


We are not a selling club any longer, we don''t need to be bullied into acceptance at any price. As a recent example look at how Newcastle fared after they sold Demba Ba - from "almost" Champions League qualifiers to "almost relagated! Arsenal kept selling their best players - and only just snuck into CL qualification!


So to all those who want to sell our best assets - just think what the effect will be on the team dynamics and especially the way the players play for each other - very noticeable last year - not really noticable at QPR.

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QPR are run by someone who knows nothing about football and had a manager who couldn''t unite the team.We are in a completely different situation to them and would never end up doing what they did.

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What a ridiculous post ABC.The sad truth is that outside of the top 5-6 clubs, NO-ONE in this league can afford to simply tell the big boys where to stick their money, so what we have to do is make sure we get the best possible deal we can when a sale is somewhat inevitable.If Chelsea want Ruddy, chances are they''ll get him as they''ll meet our asking price thanks to Roman''s open pockets and offer to pay him crackers money per week as an incentive to join them, not to mention the potential of trophies, titles, european football and working with Jose.That would be a massive deal for ANY player to turn down, never mind someone in a team that flirted with relegation last season (even if we were ''always'' safe) and who can secure his entire financial future by simply saying ''yes'' to them...As for Holt, it''s very much a game of wait and see, but if we had a good offer (which also frees up his wages when he moves) that helps enables us to buy the ''new'' Grant Holt, it would surely be silly to not even consider it?If we wish to keep improving and ensure we stay in this league, we WILL have to sell some players as we go along, and we WILL have to leave some emotion at the door and consider the long term benefits. You mention Arsenal, yet their plan all along was to get their debt down ASAP for the long term benefit of the club and they''ve almost acheived it already! The stadium is nearly paid for, they''ve STILL managed to play in the CL every single season since Wenger joined, and are now at the point where they can start throwing a bit more money round like Man City and Chelsea, but whilst meeting FFP rules and bringing youth through in the process! If we were to acheive the exact same thing I''d be ecstatic - a new 60k seater stadium, CL football every year, great players who we sell for a profit (and who often go downhill after leaving anyway) and totally debt free and meeting all new FFP rules - what more could you ask for as a fan???Unless at some point we get some rich investor come in with billions to throw around, then we''re going to HAVE to sell some of our best assets from time to time, but in doing so we can help improve our squad overall with the proceeds, and ensure continued financial safety rather than going the way of teams like Leeds or Pompey...I say that ALL clubs in this league are selling clubs outside of the top 5-6, and until we reach that point ourselves, you have to accept the situation - even if you don''t like it or agree with it!

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