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Ipswich Town Football Club - GRAND SALE 2005

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I think with all this transfer speculation we need a laugh!!

Let''s not worry about all these rumours, the club will not sell Ashton, I don''t think they want fans protesting like the Manure.

Ashton knew when he moved to NCFC there was a big possibility we could be relelgated with the league position we were in at the time.

Greeno and Franny well I think it''s watch this space on those two?

Lets look forward to the new season!!

Time for the funny stuff

Ipswich Tablecloth £4.99

Suitable for any occassion, but does tend to slip down the table after a while

Ipswich Video £9.99

All the action and highlights of the last twenty years. This 5 minute video is perfect for any fan

Ipswich Banners £15.00

Comes complete with interchangeable slogans eg. ''SHEEPSHANKS OUT'', ''ROYLE OUT'' , ''LET ME OUT''

Ipswich Condoms 75p each

They come in all sizes from '' Little Eric'' to '' Big Sheffki '' ideal for all the pricks in Portman Road

Ipswich Bra £14.99

One for the ladies, this bra is available in team colours and has a low level of support, but has no cups

Ipswich '' Ladies Towels'' £1.00 each

The '' Sheffki Kuki Sanitary Towel '' comes complete with instructions eg. '' in for a week out for a month''

Official Goalkeepers Gloves £8.99

Amust for any fans at the back of the stand, or near the corner flags to catch the ball after any shots at goal

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Further to the big clear out the EADT today has Sunderland after Kuqi and Miller, free agents apparently, and available for nothing. Charlton, it goes on to state, have cooled on Bent and fancy Mckenzie. But allowing two prominent performers such as those two to leave for nothing shows the state of Ipswich finances.

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I must say it doesn''t look to good for our third world neighbours eeven without the crackin'' stuff above..

Two of their better players are walking away for nothing. I doubt young Bent will fetch anywhere near the amount the simple rural folk of suffolk believe he''s worth.

His lordship has announced there must be more tightening of the belt wages wise and it looks as if the big gamble to give spudhead a bit of extra lucre to heave them into the premiership has now left them in a bit of a mess.

Bowden, his lordship''s muttley like sidekick has been obliged to hint to the impoverished masses that they might have to cough up for another share offer.

What happened to the last one I hear you say. The one in which muttley stated -

" Norwich City had a share issue and attracted corporate investors as well as a number of supporters who put money in and will receive very little in return, apart from a certificate.

"We don''t want to go down that road. We want a share issue to be beneficial to ourselves and you, the fans. Norwich were looking to raise £10 million and raised £2.4 million. It satisfied their needs." 14/2/2003.

Arrogant git.

So why are they on the scrounge again ? More mismanagement.

Given that they are having to cut the wage bill it could be that a few of the aged codgers propping up their back row might look elsewhere when they see whats on offer at poorman rd.

With another eight coming to the end of their contracts in 2006 it could well be that most of who they have at the moment will be gone by the end of next season.

poor old binners

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