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The Club can multi task

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Even though, most of the Board are males, they do have enough about them to have more than one task in progress, at any one time. For example, selling AND buying players

They are intelligent, vastly experienced, professionals, hell, some of them even understand football.

Do people think our Board, once they have sold a player, shut the doors and have a 10 minute run around the room, throwing all the tenners in the air, shouting yippee, or similar exultations, before realisation hits in, and a loud ''Shheeeiite'', that they now need to start the ball rolling in getting a replacement?

There will always be fans talking about the whys and wherefores of their team etc, but please, leave the serious stuff to the ones that know.

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In this instance, ie, dealing with incoming and outgoing transfers, whilst CH is clearly heavily involved in the decision making, in the sense of all negotiations between club, player, agent, other club etc, "the club" = David McNally. All player negotiations will go through him. In the immortal words of Cloughie, that''s what he''s paid to do.

I get the feeling that Bowkett is involved more so in negotiations with banks and keeping the club on an even financial keel, whilst all other board members are less involved in day to day matters.

McNally is king pin in terms of running the club (alongside the player decision making of CH).

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