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Nick Powell on loan? I hope it's a pie in the sky rumour!

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[quote user="Salopian"]

I don''t understand why CR should be interested in the loan. He is an additional player, at low cost, admittedly, and so could allow us to spend the rest of our transfer budget on two or three good and established players. He surely will not get many games. I could see more point in signing a player of his age by transfer, - we have - Redmond, but Powel  would require us to train him up for another club. I don''t see what his club get out of it - he would not be in their 25, so are they just looking for us to provide experience?


A few weeks ago there was talk of loan of Livermore from Spurs. This would have made more sense - he has surely played more first team games already?



I too don''t understand why CR should interested in the loan?

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