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Kent Canary

City favourites to go up..

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Great! We know we can give it a good go and hopefully with the squad strengthened we should be on our way.

BUT it does annoy me a bit when its the same bookies that tipped the newly promoted teams last year to come back down. So in one fell swoop we''re so bad weve got to go down, now we''re good enough to go up again! Hehe. The three teams that went down are favourites to go up again. Well thats a bit too easy isnt it? Im sure the faviourties to be relgated from the Premier this year will be.. erm let me think.. Sunderland Wigan and West Ham?

Id probably do the same if I was a bookie and its about preserving the odds and making money, so fair enough. Trouble is its a funny old game etc and you never know what might happen..

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