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Leon Barnett

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So, Cardiff want Barnett, who happens to have a year left on his contract. What should we realistically demand for him then? I say around £1m. He is PL, and Cardiff have now been promoted to the big league themselves, so would struggle to see why any fee would be lower than that.

As a guide, I understand Turner was brought in from Sunderland for around £1m.

Now, whether Barney is good enough for the Prem is a question we coud probably all answer for Cardiff... let''s just say that an extra £1m would be £1m more than we would care to think we''d get for him!

Interesting to read Mackays comments from their local paper:

During Barnett’s loan spell last season, Mackay said of him:  “Leon has been exceptional for us. He is a quality player, there is a calm air about him I love. He has bravery and coolness too.”

Hmm... I didnt witness to much calmness and coolness in the big league Malky, but if you want to hand over that cheque, you know what to do....

And then there''s James Vaughan who Huddersfield seem desparate to want to buy. Their local paper even quoted today that they hope they would have the march over Derby due to good relations picked up with NCFC following the Pilkington deal! Get your money out guys if you want him! Funny that Derby also seem interested though! Would guess that around £1.2-£1.5m would be the rough price?

So a nice little kitty of around £2.5m from players who we don''t even want? (and no, Vaughan is Championship class, not Prem. His injuries also mean he needs to play regularly, not stop start as he woud be if he stayed).

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Those figures sound fair. Both probably nearer 1mil than 1.5. Vaughan has had a good season, but has not consistently done it before, not least because he has been very injury prone.

Barnett I thought looked good at times and did have that air of calmness. In fact, I think he was a bit too calm and prone to lapses in concentration. I can remember one such incident at Villa away last season when he made a ridiculous back pass that cost us a goal at a point when we had been well in the game. If he could cut out that lapse, I think he would be a decent prem option to be honest. Not as good as Turner or Bassong, but still steady. £1mil and everyone''s happy - we don''t really need him and Cardiff may just get a decent prem player at a reasonable price.

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