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Sir Quinny

No need to Panic

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I sense a little panic on the board as it is all quiet on the transfer front and we have been relegated.All I can say is stop - relegation was a bit of a given - no premiership experience for the players or the manager - or even the board - we have come down with a stronger squad, stronger finacially and more experience. OBviously player will leave (Green and Francis) but they are easily replacable. The core nuclues will remain as will Darren Ward who i belive is as good as Green.As for players coming in - it looks like the awesome Eastwood is on his way which will give us four quality strikers (If you include Jaris (why was he not played against West ham after that wonder goal at Liverpool) and have Huckerby as a midfielder) which every club needs. The good thing about transfers and worthy we all need to remeber is that he keeps is quiet until it happens - and really he has never let us down - I belive we shold watch this space and not panic - then on to a beautiful season of goals sucess and the championship.

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