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Fixture list thread

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Looked at the other threads and they were all about the first game, run in, look I guessed it right, so thought I would start a general fixture list thread.

Some are commenting on the difficulty of the last few games, but it can go either way. If we have a deeper and stronger squad I think playing the top teams in a run like that will almost always mean you are guaranteed an upset somewhere.

But it does mean that winnable games are also more in runs which means no room for complacency.

Looking at our opening 6 fixtures:

Everton - H

Hull - A

Southampton - H

Spurs - A

Villa - H

Stoke - A

Some really big games in there for us. It''s going to need a much better start than last year, and for us to hit form early on. Hopefully having Everton at home first day will mean that the lads will know they have to start the season in top gear and then set them up for the other games.

There is then a tough period of four games:

Chelsea - H

Arsenal - A

Cardiff - H

Man City - A

It just adds even more emphasis to the opening six fixtures. You''d hope for a win against Cardiff, but they''ll come here feeling that we are one of the teams they can nick points off and in the middle of a top 4 melee as well.

Then there is a run of 8 games as follows:

West Ham United H

Newcastle United A

Crystal Palace H

Liverpool A

West Brom A

Swansea City H

Sunderland A

Fulham H

Obviously Liverpool are in there but other than that, again you would be looking for a lot of points to come out of that run.

That takes us up to the 26th December so Fulham is our boxing day game.

Then we have Man U at home on the 28th for our last fixture of 2013. Which sort of provides us with a sleeping policeman in a run that then gives us 5 more games:

Crystal Palace A

Everton A

Hull City H

Newcastle United H

Cardiff City A

Which again, I would feel we can get points from - even if three of them are away from home.

It sort of goes on like that as we have another bump of reality when we are visited by Man City at home. Before another run of games.

West Ham United A

Tottenham Hotspur H

Aston Villa A

Stoke City H

Southampton A

Sunderland H

Swansea City A

West Brom H

Fulham A

Before we hit the last four others are suggesting is a hard run in:

Liverpool H

Manchester United A

Chelsea A

Arsenal H

In many ways I find myself looking at that list and the teams in it and looking at last season. Really, West Brom downwards, we should, as a team, believe we can get results from any of them. I know the reality is somewhat different but I do find it a little less daunting than the last couple of seasons.

Some teams are getting used to new managers, Everton, Stoke, Man Utd, Chelsea and whilst in the cases of Stoke and Everton I think this may cause a little wobble, I am less sure of that with Utd and Chelski.

The rest depends on what happens over the summer and how teams strengthen/develop their squads.

Like they say, there is never an easy game in the premiership - we''ll either be playing teams who feel that we are one of the more equal/easier teams to get points from, or one of the top six who feel they can beat anyone.

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First of all, valiant effort at trying to tidy up all the threads on the same subject. Good luck though!

Looking at your breakdown, I think it could be a real blessing having all those big fixtures at the end of the season. Means there are big groups of games made up completely of "beatable" teams. Hoepfully we can get some real momentum going on those runs and put some serious points on the board.

We all know form counts for a lot in football, so i''m really looking forward to some of those runs without having to play any of the real big''uns to knock the wind out our sails.

Happy days, exciting season ahead!!

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Good post


It shows that we need to get off to a decent start, and should be able to.

The other big point for me is that after Boxing day, we have a long run of fixtures when we can realistically look to get something out of almost every game, before the tough end to the season.  So it''s down to us to make sure we take advantage and are well set up before those final 5 games.

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All in all though, we''ll probably end up losing 3-0 at home to hull before beating Chelsea 2-0 away! Football is a funny old game.

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