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Things in our favour?

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The only things going in our favour is Lambert does keep his teams

playing all season. I don''t think Villa will be a pushover against

Wigan. Arsenal are still battling it out for a Champiosn league spot so I

can''t see Wigan getting anything there, so the crucial one is Swansea.

They''re not giving up despite being mid table (a creditbale draw against

Man City)

SO it''s really can we muster anything against WBA. They''ve shown today

they can be beaten. But can we get that result. Newcastle don''t have any

easy games either, but it''s really how Sunderland and Newcastle respond

to disastrous results?

Man City might have stopped playing (only a draw against Swansea, or a

decent result for Swansea) but I have that terrible feeling the Man C

game will be exactly like Fulham a few years ago. Us needing a result,

and when the first goal went in, heads dropped and we caved in! Please not a repeat of that?

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