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Lies, damned lies and statistics

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I got the following from the squawka website. It doesn''t have 2011-12 on it which is a bit of a shame but the numbers make an interesting tale though I can''t tell if we''re better or worse than last year. Bear in mind that, as ''they'' say, things even themselves out across the course of the season. This is correct up to the Stoke game, it doesn''t include anything from Monday''s Toon derby onwards:

Average goals per game is down this season across the Premier League in total.

We have the biggest drop in av. goals/game (31%). Man City, QPR are next worst with a 27% drop.

Our average points per game last season was 1.2, this year it''s 1.09.

We are one of 5 teams to concede fewer goals this year (Arsenal, Stoke and Chelsea are others so a real mixed bag).

Average ''duels'' (I presume they mean tackles/headers) won is 53%, Manyoo are top with 58%, Swansea are bottom with 50% so not much variation there

Average pass accuracy is 74%. That sounds OK until you see that the top is 86% and only Stoke and Reading are worse than us

Shot accuracy is 44%. Only QPR, Reading and Stoke are worse than us.

Performance stats (total game) are only above Reading

Possession on average is something like 45%. Only Reading are worse

Only Stoke, Reading and Sunderland have created fewer chances

Only Stoke and QPR have scored fewer goals

That, I think, is our season in a nutshell. We cannot keep possession because we give the ball away too much, we do not create enough chances and when we do, we cannot hit the target.

Sorry about the formatting, something to do with Chrome no doubt.

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Sound about right really, it just pinches to see it like that. Meh, I''ll just wave it off as "Stats don''t show you everything" and go about my day.

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