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Let's not lose focus

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Great result for us tonight, no two ways about it.

BUT, let''s remember for periods during the game, we were only outside the relegation zone by 1 goal. Wigan still have 2 games left and they are more than capable of winning 1 of these games, meaning that it could change yet if we do not do our job.

Just imagine if we lose at home next Sunday. Wigan will again have a game in hand of us with a further game at home the following weekend. They would have a boost to go ahead and get the 3 points required. 4 would be trickier.

it therefore alters our position little. We still need to play for the win on Saturday, but must not go gung ho late on if we are drawing, at least we do have a small but of leeway. Let''s not lose focus on tonight''s result though, as we are still desparate for a win to end this situation.

Do that and we may just be able to enjoy the final day from a position of safety!

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