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FA Cup Final

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Lets hope its a grueling 120min cup final on Saturday

Both Man City and Wigan having to play 5 games (football league style) in 15 days, hopefully will go in our favour.

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I maintain that this run is likely to have hindured Wigan in their fight for Premiership survival.


They have already had some tough ties, piling up the fixtures as well as a few injuries.


Whether or not thoughts of Saturday effected them last night is debateable, but none of those defenders would have wanted to commit themselves to a couple of yellows as they would miss the big day.


From the Saturday 4ths win at WBA upto their last game against Villa they will have played two more games than us. One of those being very high profile and distractive.


What shape will they be in at the Emirates the Tuesday following? They are expected to lose, but their gd is surely more at risk than ours at Manchester City? 


That''s taking on too many important fixtures in too short a time, and what a time. IMO. Bad for Wigan, good for us.


Thanks Luton. 


However, I would be delighted for them to win the FA Cup for Dave Whelan.

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