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Message to the players

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I recall a few seasons back a manager whose name now escapes me organised a half dozen fans to go into the changing room before a key promotion game to tell the players exactly what promotion for the club would mean to them. If Norwich were to do the same before tomorrows game, what would you say? Maybe if we get some really good ones, it might actually happen or atleast they may be stuck on the wall... 

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Which one of you will be giving away his football boots on Twitter next.

Could really do with a new pair.


that, mine got ripped up quite a bit last night.

but really, what do you say?

how the season up until now isn''t important? and what is important is the next two games, with the first being probably the most important.

how anything from this game would almost mean safety, and to go out there, and try their best individually and as a team?

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