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Bws Cat

Todays collection of idiots, doom mongers and whingers

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Round up! Round up! Round up boys and girls and look at the fantastic display of idiots, doom mongers and whingers falling flat on their face.

And on this special addition... I include yours truly as I clearly fall under that category.

"Apart from bunn and barnett the subs bench should alll be in starting 11."

"Hope we win to stay up and then sack Hughton"

"Jackson upfront please, that is where majority of our goals last season came from"

"would be good for the players to put the effort in for once"

"We will play for a draw! The gaffer will take that!"

"Lets face the truth,we will lose"

"we might get somewhere if they stop playing so defensive and get the ball in the box where anything could happen you cant score by keeping the ball in mid field wankers"

"''l feel embarrassed we maintain Premier status at the expense of Wigan or Villa or Sunderland entertaining football being relegated to the Championship!"

"just dont defend"

"he (hoots) is a waste of space "

"Need to get rid, all he (hoots) does is spout shite"

"Is it any wonder why the players feel inferior and don''t perform when they are constantly being put down by the Manager."

" I think we will draw. 1-1.

But we will not win" -me!

"Hughton made sweeping changes to how we play, went ultra-defensive and threw the baby out with the bathwater if you ask me."

"We have indeed lost a lot more than we have gained under Hughton" (Put this here because were now in the same position as we were in last year- with one game left)

And thats it for now, I''ve decided all make this a thing after every win. All messages and comments were taken from Facebook, twitter and here.

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