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No excuse for a slow start next season

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Is there another message board that would entertain your adolescent drivel, CRC?

The original post had absolutely no slant on ''bashing'' the team.....anyone with an average IQ would have realised this.

It simply pointed out the number of clubs that will be starting the season with new managers, ''nearly new managers, and managers ''under threat''. You could also add to this list, to some extent, Laudrup (who has come out today and stated he won''t commit himself long term to Swansea), and Pochettino (who has stated if the Chairman goes, he goes).

ManU now have a manager who has never won anything. Everton will have a new manager, but may yet lose the likes of Fellaini and Baines. And so it goes on.....

Now whilst all this in itself doesn''t guarantee the affected teams are more vulnerable, it offers the opportunity to go into the early games next season on the front foot, regardless of who the fixtures turn up.

ManU, ManC, Chelsea, Everton, (Sunderland & Southampton relatively) - new managers. Fulham, Newcastle, Stoke and West Brom - managers under threat from poor results/performances in 2013. The three promoted teams. It all lends itself to uncertainty amongst many of the clubs in the PL.

Perhaps the thread title should have been '' potential opportunity to make a better start to next season'', for those of a delicately green and yellow disposition.

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