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I disagree with the choice of player of the season. I think given the circumstances of the season, the player of the season should be given to a player that had the biggest influence of saving us from relegation.

Bassong & Turner have defended well as central defenders, however if it were not for this player they would have faced wave upon wave of attacks and would eventually let in goals.

Snodgrass is a decent winger and attacking force for us. All our teams in the past have had such a player, running at defenders & thrilling the crowd. But these sparse attacks and goals would not have kept us up.

Johnson competed well and won the ball for us in midfield. But without this player the ball would soon be in possession of the opposition.

Many supporters probably do not recognize the importance this player has made.

He actually was brought into the team at the same time as Bassong and is the real reason why we went on that 10 game unbeaten run. He was also missing against

Liverpool x 2 & Fulham, was subbed against Manure & we got thumped with another 3 goals. When he is not in the team, we struggled. When he is in the team we are hard to beat. I consider his role in the team as pivotal and why we are still in this league. His presence has allowed the team to gain the initiative in games through successfully holding possession of the ball & depriving the opposition of it.

I am not devaluing the effort of the other team members. All have contributed to success of shaving off relegation and all would have needed to play well around this player to enhance the system & the role of the player.

In term of POTS Bassong, Sndgrass & Johnson have had good seasons. But my POTS in HOOLAHAN

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[quote user="Holtcantshoot"] But to be honest since Bennett has come in after his injury he''s looked a bit quicker and better at covering the last man than Turner did anyway.

I''m not saying this as a criticism of Bennett but when have there actually been any examples of him being quicker than Turner and being "better at covering the last man"?



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