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Bws Cat

The binners

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I just read the article with Benefica fans describing the wolf, and this comment interested me very much.

"Sporting’s financial troubles make us sad because we like to beat our opponents when they are strong, not when they are weak. Weak means it is like kicking someone when they are already down.”"

If we got the scum in the cup, would any of us feel the same considering their league position and financial situation (presuming we beat them of course)?

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I''m always bemused by people who will continue to insult/laugh at/have banter at their expense. But want them to go down.

In my view no point having a local rival if you don''t get to play them. I don''t take any pleasure from them being in a lower league, OT would be much better for them to be in the PL and for us to just beat them and finish above.

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