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We will finish 14th next season!

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"Those who study trends in football have noticed a troubling sequence in the Premier League.  Relegation is increasingly linked to attendance figures.


Athletic’s demotion to the Championship meant that this season two of

the three relegated clubs are also in the Premier League’s bottom three

average attendances. The other relegated club, Reading, were 17th in

that table. Only Swansea challenged the form."


So, based on that, we will finish 14th next season...     Team            Total        Average1     Manchester United     1,435,063     75,5292     Arsenal         1,141,507     60,0793     Newcastle United     959,826     50,5174     Manchester City     892,506     46,9745     Liverpool         850,224     44,7486     Chelsea         787,786     41,4627     Sunderland         770,344     40,5448     Everton         690,763     36,3559     Tottenham Hotspur     685,266     36,06610     Aston Villa         666,135     35,05911     West Ham United     659,677     34,71912     Southampton         586,602     30,87313     Stoke City         511,467     26,91914     Norwich City         506,762     26,67115     Fulham             482,492     25,39416     West Bromwich Albion     481,838     25,35917     Reading         453,378     23,86218     Swansea City         387,037     20,37019     Wigan Athletic         345,126     19,17320     Queens Park Rangers     337,808     17,779

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Newcastle won''t finish there, neither will Arsenal - so I conclude we won''t finish there either.

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