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zemas tendon

Who will, What Do We!!

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Who will be weaker than us next season, can we rely on big home wins against top 4 Premier Clubs, i would like to think the 3 teams coming up will be weaker, Cardiff might be surprise package!!

What do we want from next season, Champions League spot, try and improve and be a top 10 Premier League Club, or relegation Battle!!

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[quote user="lake district canary"]Swansea
West Ham

10th. or  better



only once in Premier League history have all 3 promoted teams gone down.. interestingly enough if you look at promoted teams records since 1992 it''s the 2nd placed side that have done better overall!

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Weaker than us will be the promoted teams although Cardiff won''t be a lot weaker, remember they already have Bellamy for instance.

Next will come a clutch of all the clubs barring the top 6 (I include Liverpool in the 6 and not Everton due to money and Moyes leaving).

These clubs will be headed by the likes of Everton and Newcastle, right down to us, Fulham, Swansea, Sunderland, West Ham, Southampton, Villa and Stoke but anything is possible from Everton downwards for that final slot of relegation (predict 1 survivor from the promoted sides).

The media might think that money is against us, but they are wrong. We have no overheads like most of the other teams such as fat, lazy benchwarmers. We are an economically efficiently run unit and in the same way Everton stayed up in the top 6 for so long, we can do likewise in the top half.

We''re a good bet to put on for avoiding relegation as 4th favourites in my book as i''d put it more at 10-1 for us to go down.

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Pretty much agree with everything Jimmy has wrote, except Cardiff and Bellamy. Bellamy only got 4 goals this season and he''s not getting any younger or fitter. The key for me regarding Cardiff will be if the owner decides to invest significantly in the Summer, but that doesn''t guarantee success either (does it QPR!?).

Hull are interesting for me, they''ve got an experienced manager (But that doesn''t guarantee anything does it QPR!?) but lack anything decent up front.

The pay off winners for me are probably going to struggle. Watford will have to buy an entire new first XI (if they''re allowed to!?) and Palace will have to try and replace Zaha.

Everton - depend enitrely on who they bring in as their new boss, next season they''ll be safe, i''m just not sure by how much.

Newcastle will again be fine, the new players signed in Jan have had half a season to get used to the PL.

Fulham - They rely heavily on Berbatov. Without him they''d have really struggled this season. Jol has to strengthen and hope Berba doesn''t leave or get injured!

West Ham - Relying on either getting Carroll back or somehow replacing him.

Swansea - It''ll be interesting to see how they balance Europe and the league and will be crucial to keep hold of their main players (Michu, Williams et al.)

Villa - Fancy they to do alright next year (providing they keep a hold of Benteke and most of their squad). Young squad with a year''s good experience behind them. Solid foundation to build from.

Southampton - An interesting one for me, Ponchetino has said he''d walk away if Cortese goes so there''s clearly tensions behind the scenes. Will that scupper there transfer plans this Summer? We shall see? They''ve got a good young squad who have committed themselves to the club (unlike Villa) but they tailed off towards the end of the season. I see them having a similar season to the one we had this season (head above the drop zone but continually flirting with it).

Stoke - I think they''re going to struggle, the new manager will have a brief to change the style of football as well as adding quality to it. That and the fact that there appears to be dressing room issues means the new man has got a seriously tough job on his hands.

Sunderland - Another team i''m tipping to struggle (assuming PDC stays as manager). I just don''t see how PDC''s management style is suited to the Premier League. You have to be so much more than just a disciplinarian in the Premier League. That and money will be tighter up North so I don''t know how much of a rebuilding job he''ll be able to do up there.

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''17th is good enough for the likes of us guv''nor''

funny how the  ever so ''umble seem to have melted away since we finished 11thperhaps they are too busy organising a protest outside the ground demanding that the club hands back all that extra prize money and appologises to WBA and Man City for our lack of respect and to Sunderland, Newcastle, Villa, S''oton, Stoke and Fulham for getting above ourselves

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