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OT - Petition to get the A47 improved

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If only Aggy !  I guess that would require a second petition.  Crazy in this day and age that people are dying on roads because they have dangerous entries and exits.

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A very worthy petition. Shocking details of the accidents on that stretch of road:


The draytonhall lane junction is the major issue, and has the same problem as the Mattishall turning before a roundabout was put in (more than partly down to a petition and the tireless efforts of the family of a young man killed at the junction).

Around Scarning is where the carriageway has just become single and so plenty of drivers are still driving too fast. There is also a small stretch of a straight road just before this junction where ''motorists'' feel they can overtake if they''ve got stuck behind a slower vehicle or lorry coming off of the dual carriageway. Add to that the slip road from the Tesco roundabout that comes onto the A47 literally as the carriageway reduces from dual to single so there is a constant frenzy of people trying to stay ahead of others all before the single carriageway starts.

It''s time for something to be done. Fewer accidents occurred around the Mattishall turning before action was taken so its safe to assume that petitions do have an effect and I would urge everyone here to sign it and spread the word.

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I was thinking about this last weekend when driving back to Norwich from Warrington (the town where I was brought up). I always use the Toll Road which is about 30 miles long, costs roughly £5, and is really fast, hassle free and as far as I am concerned safe.

I the present economic climate it will be years and years before anything is done to the A47. There has to be greater priorities I am afraid however a Toll road fromSwaffham to Bury with a link to the Norwich Southern Bypass might interest the Government if it could be shown to make a profit.

There are lots of reasons :

Employment to the area

Profit to the Treasury

Road Safety

Votes to sitting Tory MPs

I would be happy to join a group to lobby the Government. From past experiance I would thing we need about a dozen good letter writers to let the idea off the ground

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