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A neutrals view of 'the incident'

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a neutrals viewed the incident is described below.

Incidentally, if the linesman sees fit to apply the rules for shirt pulling forbthe penalty in the manner demonstrated, regardless of the fact that both Kamara AND Giroud were at it, why did he not see fit to remain consistent and apply the same rules when Giroud pulled back the shirt of Bassong for the 2nd goal?


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I cant be described as a neutral because of my undoubted bias for Norwich.   But I would say my bias to Norwich is not as strong as that linesmans bias towards Arsenal.   He blatantly did all he could to help Arsenal get a goal.   A corner that was never a corner - and when that didn''t immediately result in a goal flagged for a penalty.   After seeing replays some people say it was a pen but when only one person in the whole of the ground thought it was at the time it happened then it would suggest that one single person is wrong.   The Arsenal players didn''t think it was a pen - they carried on playing as normal and were rather pleasantly surprised to have a pen, they thought thay''d just got a throw in from the clearance


Norwich wuz robbed and that linesman should be investigated and all his bank statements checked!


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