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TV cameras replacing linesmen

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Here''s hoping Hughton really winds the lads up to put a storming and

strong performance in against Reading, and if we get the 3 points we''ll

all feel much better.The thought crossed my mind, what with TV

camera''s now replaying incidents instantly at every game, from multiple

angles, and now goal line technology finally being introduced, maybe we

should start a debate whether a tv camera should be installed to follow

linesmen up and down the touchline, giving everyone a replica view of

exactly what the linesman sees, at the height they see it across the

pitch and at the point they wave their flags. That would ensure

they are a little more sure in their decision-making (and for yesterday

we''d have known whether that linesman could have possibly had a view of

the penalty across the picth and through all those players-they are

supposed to be sure about their decisions but there is ABSOLUTELY no way

he could have seen that incident cleary to ake it!) Maybe a tv

camera could eventually rep;lace these prunes who can''t make a correct

decision to save their lives, and who let the pressure games get to

them!!What do people think?

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in Athletics you have a very clever camera on a set of rails that follows level with the 100m. I see no reason why you couldn''t use a similar sort of system with a camera for offsides. The only problem then is interpretation of the laws of the game.

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