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nutty nigel

Rays funds for The Academy with the Pink un Pickers Week 35

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Top v bottom in the Scottish First Division. Airdrie Utd (1-5-10-18-36) with 0 wins in their last 10 games, entertain leaders Partick Thistle (6-6-3-21-14) with 0 defeats in their last 10 games. Should be a formality.Airdrie Utd v Partick Thistle.......Away win.Good luck Justin. [Y]

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OK. Sorry for those who haven''t yet selected. After my last opportunity, I think its a case of "better early than never!"

I have given this some thought and I have my 6 selections. Instead of upping the bet, I decided to add 2 wagers I think we can all get behind. It seems NCFC has a knack for surprising us, putting in amazing shifts when we least expect it, while sometimes mailing it in on those matches we think we should win.

No one is giving us a shot to win tomorrow''s game anywhere. The gloom and doom from all fronts is staggering. Thats why its time to put Norwich WIN bets of 1-0 and 2-1 in at 28/1 and 33/1 respectively.

OK, it most likely won''t happen, but if it does, wouldn''t it be glorious? Nutty has the extra 20 quid via Paypal along with instructions to place those 2 wagers on top of the regular pick 6.

The 6 Win selections are:

Bayern Munich, Rangers, PSG, Partick Thistle, Shaktar Donetsk and Giannina (my selection).

Lets hope something works this weekend. Thanks for the support/suggestions all!

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Apologies for late selections this week:



Good Luck Justin and all our PUPs and extra fingers crossed for the Norwich bets too

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Thank you for these NYC. They look a great set to me with every chance of following up last week''s win. And if either of those exciting Norwich bets come in we will nearly double our season''s total. I''m looking forward to the Arsenal game even more now!


I''ve placed the bet with Bet365 and the potential return is £37.64. Here are the details : -


S. Donetsk


2:00 Sat

Diesel. Bump

B. Munich


2:30 Sat

Yankee, Tilly, Newcuni, Cosmic, Fone, Beaus



3:00 Sat

Lapp, MMMK



3:00 Sat




4:00 Sun




5:00 Sun



The Norwich v Arsenal correct score bets have a potential return of 1-0 - £290, 2-1 - £340. All the bets are detailed here : -


Bet DetailsDate/TimeStakeReturn
Norwich 2-1 @ 33/1
£10.00 Single
12/04/2013 18:52:1010.000.00
Norwich 1-0 @ 28/1
£10.00 Single
12/04/2013 18:52:1010.000.00
Shakhtar Donetsk @ 1/10
Bayern Munich @ 2/9
Partick @ 1/3
Rangers @ 1/12
PSG @ 8/13
Giannina @ 1/5
6 Folds, 1 bet * £10.00
12/04/2013 18:47:4710.000.00
Total for this period 30.000.00


Good luck all of you. What an exciting weekend we have in store!



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Well now. 1-0 for so long at the Emirates I thought we may hang on. Seems the linesman changed the course of that game but it was a brave effort from our team and from NYC.


Another game changed course in our favour though. Partick were 1-0 down after 88 minutes but managed to get 2-1 in front at full-time. So so far we have : -


Shakhtar Donetsk 3-0[Y]

Bayern Munich 4-0[Y]

Rangers 2-0[Y]

Partick 2-1[Y]


PSG are currently 0-0 at half-time.



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[:$][:$][:$] I''m only the one that runs it after all. In my defence I had an upsetting day yesterday [A][8o|]

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