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Hurry up and score Citeh

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Yes saturday is massive. Still very confident.

and the potential for a great weekend with so many teams away:

QPR v Stoke

Sunderland v Everton

WBA v Newcastle

Wet Spam v Wigan

Utd v Villa on Monday.

and better still if we can get a Utd/Everton double.

Sets up a juicy looking Villa v Sunderland.

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If you look at how the fixtures fall, every Saturday from here in onwards is massive. Potentially, good there be any more important match all season than Wigan vs Villa on the last day.Each week, the outcome of a single match (even flukes against the run of play) will have the effect of taking some teams into virtual safety whilst pacing others in to mortal danger. Win against Reading and the Stoke match will hold much less fear for us and vice versa.

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Wigans games are coming in hard and fast. I really think we could gain no points and be fine.

although I don''t think that will happen. we will at the very least draw each of our home games and stoke away

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