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Why is it?

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We can play very very well in 10/15 minute bursts. Normally at the start of both halves. Occasionally the last 10 if we''re losing.

By very very well, I mean actually play football, keep the ball, attack, actually create chances. When we aren''t ''in the game'' so to speak, we lack the ability to ever look like we''ll score. We need to be dominating play to actually create chances. Yet, take Wigan away, they weren''t dominating play, one quick counter attack and they score. And they aren''t a great team. We don''t pose any threat when the other team are on the front foot, and we struggle to string together 3 passes.

Of course it would be unrealistic to expect us to dominate all game, or keep up the tempo we had first 10 mins of each half. But being able to keep the ball for more than 10 seconds, getting a couple decent balls into the box, relieving pressure for a couple of minuets in the 30/35 min spells we have in nearly every single half of football recently would make life so much easier. I''m sure thats what we did in the 10 game run. Against Man.U, I remember us actually being able to attack throughout the game, not extensively, and not particularly dangerously, but we attacked, kept the ball for short periods and gave the defence a breather.

Not wanting to be negative after a big 3 points, just a thought really.

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