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Houston Canary

Song for Bassong

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The title almost writes itself. How about a silly happy song for Seb Bassong, to the tune of the Disney or Sound of Music or whatever tune that goes Sing, sing a song, sing out loud, sing out strong?


Here''s what I came up with.

Seb. Seb Bassong.

Seb is big. Seb is strong.

Seb does good things, not bad.

He makes us happy, not sad.

(chorus) Na na na nana, na naa na na na nana (and so on).


I think it would be funny and effective. Hey, if West Ham can sing Forever Blowing Bubbles, we can sing this!

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We had a song for him earlier in the season. To the tune of Que Sera, the second line hailing the fact he never puts a foot wrong, the third that he is the owner of a rather large baton. Never really took off unfortunately.

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