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Goodbye Carmina Burana ?

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Firstly to all the spazzers, no not somoene we have been linked with or are looking to sign. But the entry music we have been using for ages.Was interesting yesterday that this was ditched in favour of we will Rock You.A one off maybe for the clappers ?Or do you think the club are looking to change this ?

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We Will Rock You carries a far more positive message than ''O fortuna'' (of Carmina Burana), compared to which West Ham''s ''Bubbles'' feels rather optimistic. For reference, I copy the translation of the Latin words here. (Maybe the source of all negativity has been uprooted?!)

O Fortune,

like the moon

you are changeable,

always increasing

or decreasing;

hateful life

first oppresses

and then soothes

as game takes it;


and power

it melts them like ice.

Fate – monstrous

and empty,

you whirling wheel,

you are malevolent,

well-being is vain

and always fades to nothing,


and veiled

you plague me too;

now through the game

I bring my bare back

to your villainy.

In health

and virtue,

fate is against me.

driven on

and weighted down,

always enslaved.

So at this hour

without delay

pluck the vibrating strings;

since Fate

strikes down the strong man,

everyone weep with me!

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