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Not such a step down for RVW?

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I was thinking about the relative merits of various leagues, and whether RVW''s move to us is as big a shock and step down as various commentators have suggested.

I think we can read into his comments (and those of his agent, recently) that really, he just wants to play in the Premier League, and is happy to do so with us, though obviously not forever.

I was trying to judge the relative sizes of some leagues and what really hit me was this:


Using average attendance as a limited proxy for club size, the Portuguese league really does have 3 (at the most) premier league sized clubs, perhaps another 2 champs clubs, then a bunch of league 1/2 attendances... No wonder the Prem is such a draw for RVW.

Another couple of things to note, firstly that some of those clubs have APPALLINGLY low % attendance, the likes of which you just don''t see over here, and of course that Norwich''s average attendance is higher than SCP''s even though they have a 50k seater stadium!

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He wants the exposure of the Premier League, and guaranteed first team football, especially as it is a World Cup year, and he''ll have eyes on the Netherlands squad.

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