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Frustrating season? (moan warning)

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Yup. But only because I am getting fed up with hearing the same old, same old over and over again.

I look at the live debate every now and then and even joined in one, but it just seems that, like Canary Call, people ask the daftest of questions.

It''s like if there is someone to direct a question at why bother think about it first?

In my recollection this has happened before, when we we last promoted to the premier league under Worthington''s guidance. This forum and other media outlets for fans to express themselves on suddenly became clogged up with all of these folk who weren''t about before, jubilant with success and thinking that because we steamrolled the championship we had some god given right to give premier league teams a good seeing to as well.

That is the moan over really.

Plus for those not long in the tooth, you can still like a player but also realise their ability may not match our wonderful teams position.

Malky and Lappin fit into that criteria.

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