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Stoke v NorwichPAUL PREDICTS: 2-0They both had massive

results last week. If they hadn''t have gone the right way then this

game may well have been game of the weekend.

Norwich have had a

strange campaign. They''ve had about three seasons in one. They went on a

long run of not being able to buy a win, then a sparkling run of form

followed by another barren spell. Overall, though, they''ll be delighted

with their efforts.

Stoke play to their strengths. They''re a team

without a lot of stand-out individual players. Ryan Shawcross and Robert

Huth have been great together but in general they''ve struggled

recently. I think last week''s result will have eased the pressure,

though, and I see Stoke winning comfortably.

Agree what he says about the season. Disagree about the score.


Man City v West Ham

West Ham have done brilliantly and I don''t

think they''ve been given enough credit. It''s been forgotten that they

came up through the play-offs behind Reading and Norwich and they''re now

above both of them. I think that''s a great achievement.

You do have to wonder if they even read what they write though.....

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I like Merson. Let''s not forget, he speaks to a reporter or a Sky writer who will then translate what he writes into words for an article. It was probably a slip of the tongue from Merson (of which he has many of Soccer Saturday) and it''s the Sky article writer who should have corrected the error.

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