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Lucky ol'Stoke......

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Well that''s Pulis and his merry band of putrid thugs safe for another season......

What a piece of luck! Four games to go and still needing three points for safety....and who turns up in the fixture list......Norwich at home......

A Norwich side so lacking in fight....drive....cohesion....and ability to pose any threat to the most out-of -form team in the Premier League, that were it not for a bit of harmless catching practice, Pulis could have been the first manager to start a game with eleven outfield players and no goalkeeper....

If only Norwich had a fixture against Norwich over the last three games of the season....Premiership football would but all be guaranteed......

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We weren''t good today. Not in any way shape or form. And I doubt you''ll see anyone claim otherwise.

But Nzonzi should, or at the very least could have been sent off. Mid way through first half. That would have been key. 50/50 decision at best for the officials. Then the Shawcross handball. Was a clear handball, gave them an advantage. At best 50/50 decision because intent not 100% clear. Again against us. So thats two 50/50 at best decisions against us.

Jerome fairly booked for high foot kicking the ball out of Bunn''s hands (despite the commentator saying it was fair for him to go for it, Bunn did have his hands on the ball when Jerome made contact with the ball (and him?)). The not booked for one of the clearest dives you''ll see all season. Not even 50/50, clear dive.

So two big 50/50 (at best) decisions go against us. And one obvious one.

Also Crouch was very close to really stamping down on Tettey (or was it Bassong?) when he got booked, a bit more contact/power in that move and he''d have been off.

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