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We haven't had a 1-0 win for a while...

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with Villa being unable to keep a cleansheet,us rarely scoring and a repeat of Villa scoring 6 unlikely,i could see a 1-0 win for us.

We need a performance similar to those seen against Man Utd,Arsenal and Stoke!


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I said a long while ago, I would like us to put one team to the sword before the season ends, and if I had to wait until it was Villa, then I would , but would also take a 1-0 win!

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Anything could happen this weekend - and all the wet panted hand wringing between now and then wont change a thing.


- Villa have not kept a clean sheet in 19 games - NCFC have a habit of breaking this sort of runs for opponents 

- we havent kept 1 clean sheet in 6 games;  maybe that run will come to and end (0-0 kills both)

- we are unbeaten in 6 at home - perhaps that run will come to an end.

- we havent won a league game by more than 2 goals all season;  perhaps this is the one?

- Not once have we scored more than 2 goals and kept a clean sheet.

- we have only scored more than 3 at home once all season - perhaps this is the time? 


All that matters this weekend is the result - a draw is OK,  a loss little more than uncomfortable and a win will leave some fans with wet pants.



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